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4 Things to Consider When Responding to Your Consumers!

How do you respond?

PriorityConsumers are responding more and more, they are opening up more and becoming wiser. Consumers are demanding more information and understand more about food safety than ever before.

Consumer feedback needs to be treated as priceless information and all feedback taken on board. Listen to your consumers they genuinely want to help make your products or service better and or safer.

Consumers know their rightsConsumers are learning their rights, what is acceptable and how they want to be treated.

Consumers are very understanding and supportive. If you treat their call, enquiry, question or feedback with importance they will stay with you and won’t be persuaded easily to move on.

4 Things to consider when responding to consumers are:

1)    Responding: Do show empathy, be sincere and let the consumer know how important they are. Let them feel that the incident they have just experienced is unacceptable and you will address the issue and will do whatever you can to help them. Always be quick to respond and do not leave your consumer(s) waiting.

2)    Communication: Always be clear and as transparent as possible. Consumers will see or hear it in your voice if you are not. Share as much information as you can showing your consumers how understanding you are and how happy you are to share any information that can help them understand your business ethics, how you operate and what is important to you. When consumers understand your “Y” it can have an instantaneous effect on your business.

3)    Follow Up: Consumers will be most impressed if you show then that you remember them, that you remember their incident and that you are chasing their incident even if you don’t have an outcome yet just give them a call. Assure them you are investigating and working on a resolution. Never let the sun go down on an enquiry. Always call your consumer the day they called you even if you don’t have a response just provide them with an update or progress summary.

4)    Social Media: Prepare your strategy for social media, consumers expect it now. It needs to be part of your business and how you operate. They expect you to blog, post on face book and tweet. Consumers love to see what you are doing, what you are up to, who you are supporting etc. They like clear simple and easy to follow instructions and information, they like to see images and videos. Identify which social media avenue suits your business and then brainstorm how you can use social media to get your message across or  provide daily information that is of interest to your consumers keeping you leading edge, and ahead of your competitors.

How do you respond?

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