Food Safety and Quality Management Systems


Do you need assistance documenting and implementing a quality management system which includes food safety systems such as HACCP, BRC, WQA, ISO, FSSC, SQF, Halal, Kosher and Organic to name a few? Do you need work on your existing systems by conducting gap analysis? Speak to Elevating Food Safety if you would like recommendations how to streamline, consolidate, simplify and improve your quality and food safety system. You can also gain assistance to document and implement business specific quality and food safety systems to suit your needs.

How Can Elevating Food Safety Help?

  • Completing validation and verification activities
  • Complete and manage your shelf life validations and product compliance programs
  • Complete risk assessments based on five hazards – physical, chemical, biological, allergen and quality.


Risk assessments we complete outside of HACCP are based on issues present within your business, site expansion, upgrade or renovation or when moving onto new premises.

You can also gain assistance apart from conducting quality and food safety risk assessments:

  • Have a business risk audit to protect your brand, your people and your business


Complete Product Labeling

We can complete Vital tool, fill out and manage product and customer specifications. We can assist you with formulation control and calculate your nutritional information panel (NIP), assist you with meeting claims made on packaging or being innovative and suggesting product claims you can make. We can even assist you with your product development needs. We have the expertise and experience to help you be innovate and creative.

Trouble Shooting Quality or Process Issues

You can have expert assistance with product shelf life extension (product spoilage) or product redesign, help you make your process more efficient and help you save money by reducing your waste and increasing your productivity. If you require help with designing process lines and starting up a new line or plant we have expertise and reputable contacts to assist you. If you have a product idea or concept we can help you manufacture it. Our large network and contact base can also be shared with you to find you suitable co packers, co manufacturers, suppliers or even find you new business, additional sales. Largely, we assist our clients by making suggestions and recommendations of how they can improve their process meeting internal and customer specifications.

Compare Your Business To Local Or International Standards

Get the advice you need to compare your facility to local or international standards across the food and beverage industry. We can provide you with improved technology and systems movement across the globe and inform you of improvements required to take your business to the next level regarding quality and food safety and we can inform you of what quality and food safety topics are hot and discussed internationally that are setting our direction and focus.

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