Allow Elevating Recruitment to take care of your recruitment needs. Pick from a bundled or unbundled silver service. With more than 20 years of experience in the food industry as quality professionals and recruitment experts let us hire your Quality Associates.


Our bundled recruitment silver service includes the total placement from sourcing to placement. Inclusive but not limited to, sourcing candidates, interviewing, reference checks, all communication with the candidate and client during the process until final placement.


Our unbundled recruitment silver service allows you to select from the menu of services and you only pay for what you need.

We understand that there are parts of the hiring process that you can handle, and there are those where you could use a hand. With traditional recruitment methods you pay for an entire service from the job listing through to hiring the candidate. While there are many benefits associated with this type of outsourced hiring, we understand that you don’t always need an entire service and sometimes resources don’t allow for the financial outlay involved. That’s where our unbundled services come in.

Why buy a three course set meal if you don’t eat dessert?

We’re happy to mix and match our recruitment services to suit your needs. Purchase just the essentials or we can design an appetising package for your business. Of the menu services listed below, you can choose any or all of them and in any combination that satisfies your taste buds. We can help you at any stage of the process providing you with reduced costs and a more effective hiring process.


Picking From The Menu of Services:


1. Entrée – Option # 1 Sourcing Candidates

Allow us to source the perfect fit for your organisation.

1.1  We will advertise for you. You decide internet placement under your name or under Elevating Recruitment.
1.2  We will head hunt for you. Do you have a particular person in mind? Confidential inquiries will be made reporting candidate interest and availability.

2. Main Meal – Option # 2 Screening

We will take the ‘time wasting’ out of the process and provide you with only the best results as well as respond respectfully to unsuccessful applicants.

2.1  Response Management (receiving and acknowledge applicants).
2.2  Resume Screening – Provision of Long List.
2.3  Telephone Screening (applicants shortlisted from the resume screening list) – Provision of Short list.

3. Main Meal – Option # 3 Interviewing

Do you need another set of eyes to review your list of candidates? We can provide you with a fresh set of experienced eyes and a fresh perspective.

3.1  Primary Candidate Interview – provision of short list.
3.2  Preparation of consultant summaries for short listed candidates (recommending top 3 to 5) detailing relevance, motivations, availability and remuneration expectations.
3.3  Co-ordination of suitable times and location for candidate to interview with you.

4. Dessert – Option # 4 Reference Checking / Communication

Too busy for the time consuming reference checking? Let us get on the phone and make those calls on your behalf. Let us be your voice.

4.1  Questions designed with you in order to verify the experience, skills and talent that is relevant to the role you are filling.
4.2  Such as make the offer, negotiation, confirmation of start dates and time.
4.3  Notify unsuccessful candidates.

We offer complete flexibility on offering an unbundled service. Let us know what you need and we shall package or quote as a single item or multiple items for you.

We can also offer you two side dishes HR services and associate retention programs. Let us know if you would like to order a side dish.

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