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Have You Found Your MOJO?


Are you shining bright like a diamond? Do you know what makes you tick, turns you on, and gets you excited? Do you know your purpose?

Do you know what drives you and makes you jump out of bed each morning?

For those of you who sunk in their chair and thought NO, here is what makes our brain fill with passion.

Electrical information such as smell, touch, hearing, taste and sight is sent to our brain and to our transmitter station which connects our brain to our body. The Thalamus transmit electrical data throughout the brain, activating existing thoughts (nerve cells) then alerts and activates attitude through the cerebral cortex which creates a state of mind. This gives us choices which we then activate as positive or negative. We filter out toxic thoughts and want to store positive, pleasant and exciting thoughts.

In summary, we can control our thoughts and can respond to anxious, worrying, exciting or delightful triggers in our brain.

How wonderful would you feel if you live every day with purpose, with meaning, feel on top of the world and feel you are contributing and achieving?

Let’s make a commitment here right now….. Make time to plan some thinking time. You will need to remove yourself from the day to day and focus on just one thought? You may need 30 mins or you may need half a day.  Some may want to sit on a beach or travel to an island for a few days to unwind, relax and write. I hear you, this can be difficult however you need to challenge yourself. You can do it! Focus on what makes you feel very excited… What do you need to achieve, how do you need to contribute to be reaching your full potential and living with passion every day?

What legacy do you want to leave behind? Who do you want to help, how do you want to help and what plans can you start making to achieve your life purpose?

Once you can put pen to paper and start writing you will be amazed with what you discover about yourself and how simple it is to please yourself and make you feel like you are achieving and contributing. We are meant to be simple creatures however we have a habit of over complicating life.

Happy discovering and releasing the power within! Best Wishes Dijana Green.

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