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Have you got your back covered?


Are you covered, are you protected?

Is your business systemised, are processes in place working, have you completed all of your risk assessments?

Business in the 21st century does not allow any stones to be left unturned when handling and dealing with food for human consumption.

E. coli can stop production faster than declining sales. One wrong ingredient can kill somebody. A recall or product withdrawal can damage your reputation overnight.

Your brand and reputation you’ve spent years building can be destroyed overnight.

In the last month we have had four food safety recalls in Australia due to incorrect allergen labelling. Are you confident a food safety recall won’t occur in your business? Are your process controls in place measured, monitored and effective? Can you breathe easy knowing you have everything systemised and documented, are you certain that non-compliance is unlikely?

Invest in a benchmarking audit with Elevating Food Safety Pty Ltd to conduct a review highlighting your current status, compliance level and confirm for you that all your areas of potential risk are identified, minimised and controlled.

Engage with Elevating Food Safety Pty Ltd by emailing Dijana Green on admin@elevatingfoodsafety.com or call us now on        (02) 8090 7605. We operate nation-wide in NZ, Fiji and in Asia. We work with all food and beverage sectors within fast moving consumer goods. This is a quick and effective tool for you to ensure you have no surprises, or harm any of your consumers.

We are here to help you.
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