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How important is your health?

So I ask you how important is your health to you?

Are you focusing on it, working on improving it and do you have a plan to maintain it?

I am finding as I am getting older, the business growing and my three children getting older I need my health and stamina at peak performance.
I have learnt, and strongly believe, that if I don’t focus on my health and wellbeing my business cannot grow without me, my kids cannot live without me and if I fall ill I can’t live and can’t look after my business or my children.
So what have I done about it? I have a personal trainer that I see three times a week and even take my children with me so that they can play in the park and feel they feel involved. This also allows me to be a great role model to them.

I have changed my eating habits to ensure my intake is wholesome and is giving me the energy I need to get through my long day, allowing myself to recharge. I do try very hard to get a decent night’s sleep and I drink 2 to 3 litres of water a day. I also try to get as much sunshine as possible.

Most recently, I went to Thailand for a week’s holiday where I completed a 7.5 days fast and had daily colonics removing as many toxins from my body as possible. This was an amazing experience and made me feel cleansed. The result of the detox made me feel on top of the world. The Spa Resort is up high in the hills of Chiang Mai. It is an absolutely beautiful and peaceful village.

To help me through the fasting process I had 2 to 3 hour daily massages and started every morning with meditation and yoga. Attending this retreat gave me the opportunity to focus on myself and focus on my business by stepping away from it and looking at it from an aerial view. I was assessing what Elevating Food Safety Pty Ltd do, how we operate and what we can do better to assist our clients achieve their business goals.

Maintaining the above allows me to grow toward operating at my peak performance, keeps my happy, allows me to feel vibrant, helps me love life and makes me feel great about the work we do.

I hope reading my blog today allows you to escape for a few minutes and get thinking about what you can change to be living the life you want and allow you to grow towards operating at your peak performance.

Yours in good health and wellbeing, Dijana Green.

Motto of the day whilst meditating this day was" being here is all about learning from the past,planning for the future but living for today".

Motto of the day whilst meditating this day was” being here is all about learning from the past,planning for the future but living for today”.


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