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“What predator animal are you in your business? Which predator animal do you want to be?”

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Are you in a position where you put out daily fires, balance personal needs and try to complete all your work tasks every day? Do you find yourself procrastinating or thinking how will I ever complete all my work without feeling overwhelmed? 

Then you are reading an effective blog post from Elevating Food Safety Pty Ltd.

Most recently, Pip McKay one of my admired business coaches explained the following to me:

In our day to day lives we can either act like zebra or a lion (or lioness). Zebra’s chase mice, respond to every email immediately, wash dishes and buy stationary. Lions make business decisions, strategise and implement new products, processes and customers bringing growth and change to the business.

When you act like a zebra, chasing mice, you may as well be doing something you love and enjoying it. So next time you find yourself feeling like this write a list and do what you love ie: face booking, editing your photo’s, making video’s or surfing the net etc..

Animals in the wild always look for opportunities to eat. So when you are tired and hungry you naturally go for low hanging fruit. This is acceptable as you need to survive and you will do it the best way you know how.

When you are well rested, feeling refreshed and your team is supporting you, go for the big pray and attack!

So only chase the mice (doing emails, returning calls etc.) when you are tired.

When acting like a lion (lioness) you need to rest to bring down the zebra’s and hippos. Predator animals look after themselves, celebrate achievement, rest and take time out.

What predator animal are you in your business? Which predator animal do you want to be?

It is the Lion who is the king of the beasts! Get out of the habit of multitasking and go into strategic thinking, then you can plan and organise anything required to achieve your objectives and business plan.

Happy hunting and gathering! Dijana Green.



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