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What Do Best Performing Food Businesses DO Differently?


What do best performing food businesses do differently? How do they assess the types of incidents that can impact their business? How do they minimise risk and how do they prevent a critical or major impact hurting their business?

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The best performing food businesses make time to brainstorm any potential impacts that can occur, implement controls to prevent these from occurring and eliminate any potential incidents. They don’t just manage quality and food safety, they assess what incidents can impact on their food businesses.

Best performing food businesses understand their processes, measure them frequently and audit their processes to ensure compliance at minimum and to encourage continuous improvement.

Best performing food businesses identify what can cause a critical or major impact on their business, document all the potential scenarios and then implement controls to prevent these from occurring.

An example of a major impact occurring is a packaging fault or a short supply, a distribution or warehousing failure, an ingredient shortage or a power failure.

The impact on the business may not cause a quality withdrawal or food safety recall however it may stop the product getting onto the market, not make enough stock for a new product launch, may not be able to for fill menu requests or open a new restaurant / café on launch date.

Whatever the scenario might be in your particular food business you need to consider the impact your suppliers, providers or contractors can cause or the impact your business can cause to your customers or consumers.

Remember best performing food businesses:

  1. Review
  2. Document
  3. Plan
  4. Act
  5. Follow Up


 If you diligently make time to consider the above 5 key actions you are removing the likelihood of a critical or major impact caused to or within your food business.

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