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Do You Have a Food Safety Consumer Focused Culture?


Food Safety is a discipline, it is a heartfelt need. People eat food to survive. People need to eat safe food and it is our responsibility to provide our consumers with consistent quality safe food products.

Culture is the ideas, customs and social behaviours of a particular group of people or society and is defined as a shared pattern of behaviours and interactions. A culture is a way of life.

If we look at the products we make and think about our end user we feel more compassion to get it right, make it safe and give our consumers the best quality possible. If an elderly person or toddler eats our product it is our responsibility to make it safe to eat and of consistent quality. The elderly and children are an “at risk” group who are more susceptible to food poisoning. This is taking responsible precaution and acting diligently.

If you made food and beverage products and did not care or never thought of a human eating it then your products are open to being criticised and potentially hurting people. A great leader working in a food and beverage company always keeps their end user in mind and focuses on food safety, has food safety on every agenda and leads by example. A great leader is concerned about their consumer and always puts their consumer’s safety first.

What kind of food safety culture are you breeding? Is it heartfelt and a daily discipline or have you lost focus? Do yourself a favour and ask the question “do we have a food safety consumer focused culture”?  If the answer is ‘yes’ then keep growing, if the answer is ‘no’ then stop, go back to basics  – 101 and build from there.

Yours in food safety discipline, Dijana Green.


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