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Do Standards Qualify?


What are standards, why do we need standards, what standards are available, how do you apply standards and why do we need to continuously improve?


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A standard is a level of quality or attainment. Something used as a measure, norm, or model in comparative evaluations.

Standards are a measure of acceptance. A standard determines progress of an organisation and is the difference between remaining stationary or going to the next level. We always hear in business that if you stand still long enough your competitor will take over so we are encouraged to lead the way. One way to continuously improve in business is to implement standards and keep raising the bar, keep changing the goal posts.

Most of us like to stretch ourselves and learn something new every day implementing, maintaining and continuously improving standards help us achieve this. Therefore implementing standards will be welcomed and desirable.

I have always maintained one of my favourite thoughts being a quality professional “the standard you walk past is the standard you accept”. For example if you are in a working environment and you see rubbish on the floor do you stop and pick it up or do you walk pass thinking someone else will pick it up or do you even think it is someone else’s job to pick it up? I would stop, pick it up and place it in the bin. If associates see me being a quality professional walk past it they will think I am ok with rubbish being left or placed on the floor.

In regards to quality and food safety standards we have many to choose from to implement. I am sure you can imagine where the culture of the business would sit if no standards were in place. What kind of quality product would leave the facility or be served on a plate in your restaurant?  No recipes, no photo standards, no specifications, no raw material recieval controls. We would not be able to make, bake or prepare the same dish twice.

The different types of food safety standards available are BRC, SQF, WQA, ISO, FSSC 22000, HACCP, Organic, AIB to name a few.


Applying standards is a disciplined approach and approach that will allow your business to grow and prevent uncontrollable consumer complaints or food safety incidents occurring.

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