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What “Gen Y” want from their leader?


Gen Y were born early 1980’s and 2000 who are transforming how we operate in the workplace. Gen Y are tech savvy and big on team work. They are team players. Some of us think Gen Y are all about themselves and expect too much whilst others think Gen Y are an asset in any business.

A recent conference I attended was most interesting to learn what Avril Henry had to say about how Gen Y like to operate in the workplace.

Avril Henry is a widely popular keynote speaker, author and corporate motivator.

Avril Henry works with senior leadership teams and employees from organisations such as IBM, Commonwealth Departments of Defence, Education, State Health Departments NSW, Queensland, Victoria, Optus, BHP Billiton, Commonwealth Bank, NAB, IBM, Astra Zeneca and University of Western Sydney.

During Avril Henry’s presentation Avril explained the top 12 leadership skills Gen Y want from their leader:

  1. Open and honest in communication with focus on listening
  2. Being a change enabler and enjoying making changes
  3. Mentor and coach their people – sharing their knowledge
  4. Know how to motivate and inspire others
  5. Integrity – people who do what they say will do and are authentic, are themslves
  6. Create a compelling vision – who are you and what do you want to be
  7. Respect a value adversity – understand you need your people to bring to the table that is unique
  8. Display humility – without trust no one will follow you
  9. Collaborative and Inclusive – no silo mentality between functions
  10. Be flexible
  11. Courageous – moral courage is more important than visual
  12. Tenacious and resilient – never ever giving up, people that can pick themselves up and bouncing forward to a better place

Hope you enjoyed reading about Gen Y and the 12 key points from Avril taught you something new. The more we understand Gen Y, embrace their ability and understand how they can add value in the workplace we can work towards a more efficient and happier workplace.

Best wishes Dijana Green – Founder and CEO Elevating Food Safety Pty Ltd


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