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Do You Allow Fear To Hold You Back?


How can you get out of your own way?

Let’s take a moment to pause and think about these questions seriously.
Do you allow fear to hold you back? How can you get out of your own way?

If it helps you, close your eyes and think of your biggest concerns. Now write them down. Once you’ve done this grab the piece of paper and tear it up.   These concerns are holding you back. Let it go, let go of them now. Don’t allow your fears to prevent you from believing in yourself and having the confidence to achieve your goals.
As Amanda Gore regularly expresses, happiness is a cure, and goes on to highlight the world’s famous 5 fears as:

1) Humiliation – What others think of you

2) Separation – Being different, being disconnected

3) Poverty – The “I haven’t got enough mentality”

4) Unknown – Fear of new things. Lack of hope, faith and trust

5) Missing out – Keeping up with the Jones‘s and continually making comparisons

Can you relate to any of these 5 fears? Can you see how this can be holding you back and cause procrastination?

It’s time to stop these patterns and the negative self-talk. You need to change the way you think about yourself, your abilities and what you desire to achieve, whether it is starting a new job or business, losing weight, ending a toxic relationship, buying a property or having a baby.

Whatever your heart desires it can be achieved. Holding fear will only delay your achievements being fulfilled or even prevent them from occurring.

Get out of your own way and start conquering your goals and dreams.

Happy soul searching, Dijana Green

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