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A Hand’s On Approach Systemising Your Business


Why do we need to implement systems? How do we implement systems? Which system do we implement? How do we maintain our business system? What do we do once we have implemented our business system?

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Systemising your business is needed for many reasons. We need to implement systems to standardise what we do, enforce compliance, to ensure we operate efficiently and effectively as possible, assists with optimising customer service, enables correct documentation to be recorded and made available and makes sure all we know is documented for the future potential of selling your business.

No one will buy a business that is not systemised. If it is not systemised it means it won’t run without you. A best system will operate without the key personnel present. You should be able to take a three month vacation without the business relying on you to run it.

We implement systems based on the company needs. What is your driven by head office, your customers, your suppliers and the retailers? We identify the needs of doing business with our customers, suppliers and the retailers then we implement the required systems.

Systems may stem from IT, HR, QA, Procurement, Supply Chain, Sales and Manufacturing needs. Implementation of systems is to meet business, intercompany, customer, supplier retailer and legislative demands.

Embarking on system implementation we need to rely on professionals to document, implement and execute successfully. Without the required knowledge, understanding, experience and support system implementation will be ineffective.

Systems we implement can be as technical as we make them or user friendly. We need to documents procedures and processes based on a twelve year old reading and following our instructions. We do not write for technical minded people.

Maintaining and managing business systems is very important to ensure you maintain compliance and keep doing what you say you are. This will need to be proved in your next business audit if you are certified or seeking certification.

Once you have implemented a business system you need to show continues improvement. Once you successfully implement a system you cannot stay stagnate you need to find ways to improve or move to the next level.

I have often been asked ‘why don’t you stop and smell the roses?” my response is if I don’t keep finding ways to improve our competitor will.

The three key points to follow once you have systemised your business:

1. Follow up and close out. Review corrective actions, actions plans and meeting minutes regularly so you can make sure assigned actions are being followed up, addressed and closed out.

2. Validate and verify your system regularly by conducting internal audits and measuring compliance and continuous improvement.

3. Review world’s best practices and decide where you can realistically set your new heights and embark your new journey.

Systemising your business allows you the freedom and flexibility for what you most desire and be able to spend time doing other things you love to do such as travel, build new business, spend time with family or giving your time to charities. Whatever you desire, systemising your business allows your business to operate when you are not present.


Happy planning where to next for you and your business.

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Yours in great spirit, Dijana Green – Founder and CEO Elevating Food Safety Pty Ltd




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